Meal Replacement Plus by Mission Critical LLC

Military-Invented. Emergency Food Storage.

Meal Replacing. Long Lasting. Nutrient Packed. Super-powder.

A Well Balanced Meal in Every Scoop

  • 100% of daily vitamins, minerals, and nutrients

  • 40 grams of essential amino acids (non-dairy protein)

  • Energy boost without spikes and crashes

  • Electrolyte based hydration formula

Don't settle for empty carb, low nutrition meals. When disasters strike, supplies and nutrition can be limited. MR+ is the perfect addition to your food storage supplies.

A Formula You Can Trust

The MR+ formula was created by a team of doctors and scientists from the U.S. Air Force 711th Human Performance Wing; a process that required over 6 years of research.


It was originally designed for Special Operations (SO) Units during sustained operations (SUSOPs), where proper nutrition is difficult to pack or obtain. Click below to learn more about the amazing backstory:

What does the formula's lead scientist do in his personal time? Run hundreds of miles in a matter of 8 days, of course. See why.

Add MR+ powder into water source

Dissolves quickly without thickening

Drink up and stay safe



No Bulky container. MR+ fully replaces freeze-dried meals, MRE's, and supplemental powders. Be able to pack more in your bug out bag; lighten your load without lightening your nutrients.


MR+ takes the hassle out of cooking, especially when you're on the move. Don't worry about electricity or gas stoves to boil water (and then deal with the cleanup after consumption), this powder makes it all happen in your water.


MR+ leaves you feeling fully satisfied because of its high-calorie and nutrient dense formula effectively taking the place of an MRE. It also keeps you alert and ready for the problem at hand  whether you are hunkering down at home or getting away from danger.

Long lasting. 

No refrigerator? No problem. MR+ has over a 10 year shelf life and maintains its full nutritional value even in harsh conditions. It can stay in your water pack without spoiling for days, even after being dissolved into water.

Your bug out bag's best friend

MR+ is a perfect addition to your hydration pack or bug out bag. Even after dissolving, MR+ does not increase the water's thickness and it leaves absolutely no residue behind! No residue means no bacteria; regardless of the temperature outside.

MR+ is created with integrity and quality:

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Meal Replacement Plus by Mission Critical LLC